Address: 335 Lower County Road
Harwich Port, MA 02646



Dredging Update

We are pleased to announce that the dredging of the harbor was successfully completed in early March. The average depth throughout the entire harbor is now around seven feet at low tide.
The outer entrance channel (outside of the jetties) was dredged in the early fall prior to the project beginning and will continue to be maintained by the town using the Barnstable County dredge. The entrance channel inside of the jetties was not dredged as part of the project, but the town has said that it will be done sometime in the near future.

The reassembly of our docks was started last week and we can already see that the depth around both sides of the fuel dock has increased greatly. We are replacing most of our pilings with new 40’ “hurricane pilings” that will improve the overall appearance of the marina as well as provide an added measure of safety in the event of a significant storm surge like what was seen with Hurricane Sandy. As you can imagine, putting the marina back together is quite involved. We have all of the water and electrical lines to re-connect along with the long list of general repairs that we are faced with this time of year. This process will continue for the next few weeks.